I just want to be inside of you

We were commissioned to replicate a chalkboard paint by our client in London. 

James sent us an image asking to replicate an existing chalkboard paint. He wanted it to look exactly the same, but made from real traditional glass neon tubing. As a multicoluor neon sign, it was a lot more involved in the production. We had to make every signle letter from a different colour and than join the neon letters to create the words one by one, and the whole neon quote at the end. James was prepared a quite large area on his wall for his new neon sign as he wanted to achieve something particular and we believe, he is spot on! Neon signs for home have a real  wow effect when entering in the room. The desired piece of art does its job, specialy when you have the guests around and when they see the neon, all of them want something similar in ther livingroom too. We have proudly be a part of this project, because probably this was the most colourfull neon design we have ever done.