Porsche badge neon sign made from real glass tubing.

Task: Creating a one meter high luxury Porches badge neon light for a London based garage.

We have started with making a one meter high black powder coated metal casign to accomodate the neon light elements. Laser cutting the metal, welding, powder coating the housing were just the start. After we had the metalwork done, we applied a high quality vinyl print on the fron of the shield, so the logo will be all visible behind the neon glass elements. Once we had all these done, it was time to get our head around the glass bending part. We have strated bending the neon 'Porsche' - as it was the most fascinating part I guess-, followed by the outer glass elements and all the rest followed. Processing the glass was the next task, wich I quite enjoyed as well, as this was the time when we started to see something lighting up eventually. All the glass elements have came up nicely in colour. When we had all the neon elements processed, we strated to build the sign.

Creating a custom neon light like this, is really exciting in all the aspects of the job.

We really enjoyed it, thank you Colin for commissioning us with this lovely neon piece.